Monday, 9 January 2012

StarCraft 2

Oh yes. The RTS of my choice any day. Some have described it as our generation's chess (although I must say, chess is still awesome), while other discover a passion they've only seen people show for football and sports in general.

Somewhere on the way from playing customs and finishing off the campaign I discovered how fun it is, both to play and watch. I'll most likely spend some of the time blogging on my own StarCraft 2 journey through the 1v1 ladder. I've worked my way up to Gold league, and I hope to proceed going forward and perhaps document some of it by streaming. Haters unite!

Blizzcon 2011 StarCraft 2 Stage - what a crowd!

This is just a teaser, more to come!

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Ramblings - Short Introduction

Happy New Year to you all!

So, what is this?

 This is yet another blog project from my side. The previous one failed as I got sick and AdSense cut me off their services. I'm still pretty sad about that...

Anyway, what will I be writing about this time?
 Nothing new, really. I hope to deliver interesting gaming/nerd and geek content, as well as the occasional whiny/ramble post. We'll see where this'll go.

What have I been up to the past six(?) months?
 Schoolwork, as well as a newly discovered passion for SC2 that I hope to share with all (lol) my viewers.

Anything else?
 For starters? Not really. I'll write up on it in later posts.

...are you sure?
 Oh, yes. Follow me @Rumikolol on twitter. Cheers.